Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2 sets Imported Rabbit and Huge Garden Hutch

Dear PetLovers,

I'm letting go my beloved; (i had to)


1. Smokey HOT Fuzzy Lop Doe age 1year
(She is damn gorgeous)
2. Grey New Zealand Buck age 1year+
(He is a awesome jumper. can jump up to 3ft if he had to)
3. 4ft Self-Made STEEL Hutch
(Made from 4ft aquarium steel and asbestos roof top)
4. 2 20x24inch black cage
5. 2 250ml pet drinking bottle
6. 2 D-cup plastic feeder
7. Approx. 10kg Bengy Pellet
Letting go at RM699 (firm).

Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image


1. Furry White Teddy Bear Doe age 11 months
(She is a Darling and has the cutest mole at her cute lil nose)
2. Broken Choco Holland Lop Buck age 8 months
3. Estimated 30x30 inch Custom Made Wooden Hutch
4. 2 19x20inch black cage
5. 2 250ml pet drinking bottle
6. 2 D-cup plastic feeder
7. Approx. 10kg Bengy Pellet
Letting go at RM610 (firm).

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We release them once a week around the garden for a day..
day time, they eats natural leaves (e.g:pandan,chilli leaves etc), Britter Bunny (their fav), carrots and kangkung.
Nyte time, bengy pellet.

Reason: Kindda busy with work and outstation. No time to manja them. My maid has been taking care of them.

To view them, my location is in Subang Jaya. Weekend Morning.

SERIOUS BUYER & PET Lover Only!! email me at

If u think this is expensive,do make the calculation on each factor, yourself...


Friday, June 11, 2010

Rabbit for SALE Strictly for pets only~


1) 6months Pure White Red Eye (Buck) - Jersey Woolly mixed Holland Loop = SOLD to En Zaini, Kemaman.

2) 6months Smooth Fur White mixed Chocolate - Lionhead Rabbit (Buck) = SOLD to En. Zaini, Kemaman.

4) 6months White mixed Black - Anggora fluffy mixed Lionhead (Buck) = SOLD to Miss, Danau Kota.

7) Second Hand Cage set - cage + bottle + food container is available for RM 25 each set. SOLD ALL - No longer available.

8) 4ft aquarium-glass stand which i used for rabbits stand is available at RM 40 (1unit)
* These rabbits in single.  Cage set is also available.
* The price is accumulated from the retail price i bought, months ago. No mark up. Choose the one u like~ and let me know.

For more details/ inquiries email it to

Preferred COD in Subang Jaya/ Sunway only.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wanna Win 1kg pack of Alfalfa Hay?

Just fill up your details and answer a simple question.
Email address:
Hp Number (optional):
Answer: How much should i sell these items above. And why that amount?

Email your answer to
2 best/reasonable answer given would win the Alfalfa Hay.

Closing Date: 11th June 2010.


WE GOT OUR WINNER!! Miss Loveyoubunny and Mr. Uzair Mustafa.